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Corporate Objective

Help enhance the capacity and performance of our individual and institutional clients to achieve the highest level of targets.i.


Our Mission

Our mission is to augment youth employment by fostering the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises/Industries.

Our Vision

Operational Objective

Develop, promote & accelerate the growth of SMEs by providing relevant, practical and affordable Research, Training & Advisory services.


Who We Are


Markets and Business Development Partners (a subsidiary of Devtec Nepal Pvt. Ltd.)  established in January 2020 is a business development consulting firm dedicated to the development and growth of Small & Medium Enterprises. We are a team of professionals with diverse technical expertise and experience coming in from both the development and the private sector. Our professionals are committed to providing quality services that can be customized or tailor-made as per the requirement of our clients.


Our pool of experts comprises of highly skilled and experienced researchers, business planners, trainers, advisors  and project managers in the field of business and small enterprises development from both agriculture and non agricultural sectors. We also have in our team light manufacturing engineers and fabricators with practical knowledge and skills in the field of R&D and training.

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