Sanjay Karki

Corporate Advisor


Mr. Sanjay Karki is the current Country Manager at Cloud Factory after joining Baliyo Nepal (Gates Foundation Venture) as stand-in CEO briefly. He was with Mercy Corps Nepal as the Country Director since 2006 and worked in the capacities of Deputy Director, Economic Development Manager, and Program Officer before becoming the Director. Leading to his stint at Mercy Corps, Sanjay worked as the Director of Consultancies for a Nepalese development consulting firm (Lotus Intellect Pvt. Ltd.), as a Relationship Manager for Standard Chartered Bank in Nepal, and in various capacities with Anderson Consulting in the USA. Sanjay brings over 20 years of technical and management experience in the civic and private sectors to his role and specializes in economic development programming, with complementary experience in the sectors of private sector engagement, financial services, and market development.